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What’s in your salad? December 21, 2010

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We didn’t make it to Paris so we are going to be eating salad instead. I adore this image which a client – who comes for professional development gave me permission to display – and has just sent to me as a metaphor for the conversations we have continued to have together for rather a long time. I also love Shakespeare's metaphor about emotions being like a salad but I am not referring to Cleopatra's 'salad days', I'm sure there was something more subtle about emotional combinations somewhere in A and C. I'll have to keep on thinking and finding. ┬áIf I'm really stuck I can check out with Greg Hicks who has currently opened in the RSC season, which has transferred to the The Round House, in advance of going to New York, where he will be playing in 'Lear'. His is a great and