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John Haynes’ photograph of the week: Not I, by Samuel Beckett July 30, 2009

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Quote/word of the week July 30, 2009

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‘The human face is truly like that of a god in some Oriental theogony, a whole cluster of faces side by side, but on different planes and never all visible at once.’  Marcel Proust: In Search of Lost Time

WORD OF THE WEEK: Anacoluthon, (1856)  A want of grammatical sequence, the passing to a new syntactical construction before the original one is completed.  

I fear that like Proust's  Albertine I am inclined to anacoluthons, although I hope not to lies.

'The cruelty was turned on me. Not as a refinement of style, but to cover her  (Albertine) careless lies she used unexpected leaps of syntax which resembled what grammarians refer to as anacoluthon, or something like that...I wished I could remember the beginning of her  sentence so as to decide myself when she shifted ground what the ending would have been. But as I had been listening for the end I could hardly remember the beginning...'  Marcel Proust:  The Prisoner And The Fugitive



Lucy the vizsla … and other things. July 29, 2009

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Lucy, the Vizsla and Piero di Cosimo’s dogs

Lucy is my/our Hungarian Vizsla dog and she provokes a daily despair in me to think that when people see her circling the park they assume she is a puppy. She is almost eight. I celebrate each day of Lucy’s life.