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Quote/word of the week July 30, 2009

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‘The human face is truly like that of a god in some Oriental theogony, a whole cluster of faces side by side, but on different planes and

The principles of uncertainty July 26, 2009

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My friend Christopher gave me a quirky book for my birthday called The Principles of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman, which I adore. It even makes me laugh out loud, which I often don’t do and me in happier times” width=”450″ height=”535″ />

Quote/Word of the week July 24, 2009

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John Keats writing a long letter between 14 February – 3 May 1819,  to  his brother George and make it a soul?’

WORD OF THE WEEK: Mnemotechne – The art of memory.

Becoming … less afraid of rejection July 20, 2009

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Rejection is never nice but fearing or avoiding it can shrink life. About four years ago I decided that I was going to ask the universe – or its inhabitants – outright when I wanted something and developments in neuroplasticity which might become the subject of my next blog. Unless I hear that my agent has sent out my book proposal in which case I might find myself writing still more about rejection.

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